Flavour Menu

Devil's Food Cake

Chocolate cake layers, chocolate fudge sauce, chocolate buttercream.
Fresh from the Third Circle.

Plague Wagon Wheel

Chocolate cake layers, jam and crushed biscuit filling, vanilla buttercream.
Plague and pestilence not included.

Cookies and Scream

Chocolate cake layers, cookies and cream buttercream.
Seasoned with the screams of your enemies.

Berried Alive

Chocolate cake layers, seasonal berries, light vanilla buttercream.
Note: Sample packs sent via mail with this flavour will not include berries due to the short shelf life of room temperature fresh fruit. 

Black Velvet

Black velvet cake layers, signature cream cheese buttercream.
Red Velvet's goth girlfriend.

Goth Socks

Vanilla cake layers, vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles.
Pair with your biggest, scariest boots.

Lemon Party

Lemon cake layers, crushed meringue and lemon creme filling, vanilla buttercream.
A lemon party, if you will.


GFO = Gluten Free Option
*Trace amounts of gluten may be present due to shared equipment